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World of Warcraft Rogue Leveling Secrets

Pages: 238
Format: PDF
Price: $29.99

Do you truly know the secrets behind choosing dagger or sword? Your talent build has always kept you alive, but are you missing out on how to optimize it so that you don't merely survive, but conquer? In your line of work, secrets are precious things that fetch exorbitant prices, and by getting the World of Warcraft Rogue Guide, you'll learn secrets that will propel you to the upper echelon of Rogues, turning you into a deadly force to be reckoned with. That Hunter that gets the best of you now? When you're done with this Guide, Hunters everywhere will quack in their boots at the mention of your name.

The Highlights of the World of Warcraft Rogue Leveling Secrets Guide:

  • The Best Secret Leveling Spots: Level from 1 to 80 in just 10 days
  • 5 Killer Talent Builds that will make your Rogue OWN raid damage meters. AND make mountains of gold.
  • Never, ever worry about choosing the right weapon again. Our Weapon Guide gives you detailed information on which weapon to use for each build, and how to get it!
  • Well-played Rogues can be the best pullers in WoW by far. Frighteningly far. Want to know just how? Find out inside.
  • Need more Gold? Find out why Rogues are the class that makes the most gold per hour.
  • Shred every single class to pieces in the Battleground or Arena with our class-specific PvP strategies.
  • Macros and Add-ons that just don’t prevent you from dying, but let you thrive and conquer!

Rogue Newbies: New to World of Warcraft? First time Rogue player? Our Rogue Newbie Guide helps you learn the ropes of the Number One damage dealer in WoW. In just a matter of minutes, you’ll be sifting through fully-detailed analyses of racial special abilities and the exact formulas on just how Stats, Effects and Target Values work. You will soon be a more in-depth understanding of the Rogue class than many well-seasoned veteran players.

Lightning-Fast Leveling: Hold those reigns tight, because The World of Warcraft Rogue Leveling Secrets Guide will take your Rogue from Level 1 to 80 at breakneck speed. Our expert author goes through all the sweet leveling spots and strategies for your Rogue. Tear through camp after camps of mobs with low armor class and fewer hit points. Forget doing every single quest; that’s time consuming and boring! With this Guide, you will have at your fingertips the most efficient quests for the fastest advancement possible. To top it all off, you’ll get a list of the best experience-rewarding quests and an overview of the most rewarding spots for group leveling.

The Best 5 Rogue Talent Builds: Rogues are the Kings of Damage and Subtlety; anyone who claims otherwise is just flaunting their ignorance. The World of Warcraft Rogue Guide showcases 5 different rogue builds, each one suited to your chosen playing style. Which talent works best with each other? Which talents works best in which situation? All the answers are in here. With these builds, you’ll be at the top of the damage meter in Raids, OWN at PvP and unlock the true potential of the Rogue class.

Dagger or Sword: Not sure whether to go for daggers or swords? Don’t know the full benefits of each? Our Guide has you covered with detailed information regarding which particular weapon would provide the most benefit to your chosen build. You’ll find all there is to know about making the perfect weapon selection, whether it be the question of whether to equip it in the main hand or the off hand, or which specific weapons should you be using as you level up your Rogue.

Pulling is for Rogues: Tired of that Hunter who wouldn’t shut his mouth about how Hunters are the best pullers in the game? Go through our detailed guide on pulling and aggro, and you’ll soon see why Rogues have the potential to be the game’s best pullers. Learn the secrets of pulling, and show that Hunter just how wrong and ignorant he is.


Mountains of Gold: The Rogue is the best equipped class to earn Gold, and lots of it. Find out how in our detailed guide; we’ll show you how the Rogue’s skills, abilities and playing style make it the most efficient gold-earning class, far outstripping that of other classes. Unlock your gold-earning potential and buy all the goodies you want to.

PvP Killer: Rogues have the most fun in PvP, and why not? The thought of creeping up stealthily behind your target and then bringing them down before they’ve even realized what’s going on is one of the many exhilarating thrills that any Rogue player will know very well. Fun is good, but with this guide, you’ll be decimating every single class in PvP. Go through our informative guides on how to beat each and every one of the ten classes in Wow…and then go out and conquer.

The Best Macros and Add-ons: With our exhaustive list of the most advanced macros and add-ons, you’ll never waste precious seconds fumbling around to do the thing you wanted to do 5 seconds ago. These are life-saving macros that will keep your Rogue alive and kicking, and will see your Rogue enjoying a huge boost to his in-game performance.

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