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World of Warcraft Paladin Leveling Secrets

Pages: 261
Format: PDF
Price: $29.99

Are you ready to take the next stop and join the holy echelon of Paladins who know each everything there is to know about being a holy warrior? Paladins are a hybrid class, so they’re decent in lot of things, but a great talent build can turn a mediocre Paladin into one that excels in almost everything. There are no secrets among holy warriors, so you take this opportunity to better your Paladin by getting this World of Warcraft Paladin Guide. You’ll become a Paladin who can take tons of damage, heal yourself and others, and dish out tons of damage yourself.

The Highlights of the World of Warcraft Paladin Leveling Secrets Guide:

  • The Best Secret Leveling Spots: Level from 1 to 80 in under 10 days, whether you’re a Horde or Alliance Paladin.
  • Complete Walkthroughs for all those important Paladin Quests
  • 8 Killer Talent Builds that will make all others obsolete.
  • Get the best armor and weapons for every level with minimum effort
  • In Groups: Be the best Paladin that they’ve ever seen
  • Make a huge fortune with Paladin-specific gold-farming strategies
  • Deliver righteous justice and strike down every class in PvP with mathematically proven anti-class tactics
  • Learn and make use of all the macros and add-ons used by cutting-edge Raiders, Power Levelers and PVP masters.

Only the Best Leveling Spots: It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing on Alliance or Horde, this definitive World of Warcraft Paladin Leveling Secrets Guide will show you all the sweet leveling spots. With the expertise of our author, you’ll be leveling from Level 1 to 80 in 10 days. Learn the best ways for Paladins to maximize leveling efficiency. Forget about doing every single quest: that’s tedious and can get downright boring. With this Guide, you’ll be getting a list of the best experience-rewarding quests and an overview of the most rewarding spots for group leveling.

The Ultimate Walkthrough for Paladin Quests: Paladins get class-specific quests that unlock useful Paladin abilities. You’ll want to get these quests done and dusted with as soon as they become available to you. With our thorough walkthroughs, you’ll be able to use those special abilities in no time.

The Mightiest of Talent Builds: Your Paladin has three Talent Trees: Holy, Protection and Retribution? Which specific talent must you take in order to become a better healer? Which one should you take so that can conquer and thrive in the Arena? All the answers to your questions can be found here, where we detail 8 killer talent builds that have been tried and tested by professional gamers. With these killer builds, you can throw the others away, because they’ve now become obsolete.

Epic-quality Gear for your Paladin: Two-hander or one-hander with shield? What equipment and items do you need to turn your Paladin into a powerhouse of divine fury? Paladins, as a class with multiple roles, depend a lot on their gear set-up in order to be competitive in groups, raids and PvP. With the World of Warcraft Paladin Guide, you’ll learn the ideal weapons and armor at every level, and how you can acquire them by yourself, with the least amount of effort. Paladins Make Groups Better: As a hybrid class, some ignorant WoW players might think that Paladins aren’t essential to group instances. They are in fact, very wrong. In this Guide, you’ll find all the knowledge and secrets you need in order to excel at Group Instances. You’ll be the first one the groups send invitations to, and they’ll nod their heads and wonder how they would ever get anything done without you.

Righteous Gold Deliverance: Paladins are an amazing class for gold-farming. Some players waste time with what they thing are good ways to earn gold, but those ways can be slow and cause a lot of headaches. Why waste precious time with inefficient gold-earning methods. Treat your Paladin to the good things in life by making use of Paladin-specific strategies for amassing a fortune in gold. PvP Legend: You’re a Paladin…you don’t need to skulk in the shadows or worry about dying in one hit. In fact, with the secret strategies in our PvP Guide, you’ll outlive and outlast all of the other classes. Learn how to chase down pesky Hunters, and deal with stubborn Druids. Upgrade your PvP credential and find out just why even the other elite PvP players fear going up against Paladins.

The Most Cutting-Edge Macros and Add-ons: With our exhaustive list of the most advanced macros and add-ons, you’ll never be fumbling around the keyboard, trying to do get your Paladin to do something you wanted her to do 5 seconds ago. Stop wasting those precious seconds. These cutting-edge macros will ensure that your Paladin can compete with the best raiders, power levelers and PVP maestros out there. Use them, and you’ll see your Paladin enjoying a massive boost to her in-game performance.

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