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World of Warcraft Mage Leveling Secrets

Pages: 227
Format: PDF
Price: $29.99

You’ve managed to survive this long as a Mage because you’re quite good with your spells and you know a few tricks of the trade. Are you ready to take the next step and join the upper echelon of mages who not only survive but thrive at the higher levels? By getting the World of Warcraft Mage Guide, you’ll learn secrets that will see you will see rise from an above average Mage to an Archmagus who knows every single one of their spells inside out. Facing a Rogue intent on jumping you from behind? Up against a Warlock who plans on taking you down with his DoT spells and probably has more hit points than you? You’ll know how to handle every situation with such cool efficiency that you’ll leave your opponents speechless.

The Highlights of the World of Warcraft Mage Leveling Secrets Guide:

  • New to Mages or WoW? With this in-depth guide to talents, skills, and strategies at all levels, you’ll be an expert Mage player in no time.
  • Lightning-speed Leveling that will take you from Level 1 to 80 in less than 10 days.
  • A full analysis into each and every spell available to your Mage, showing you all of their many hidden uses.
  • 13 Killer Talent Builds that every single Mage should be aware of.
  • Secret Gold-making strategies that will leave you laughing at just how insanely easy it is for Mages to earn mountains of gold.
  • Get Epic-quality items all on your own with ease, for every level.
  • Blast, incinerate and destroy anything that moves with cutting edge, class-attuned PvP tactics.

Mage Newbies:First time playing World of Warcraft? First time trying out a Mage? Our Mage Newbie Guide assists you in learning the tricks of the trade for the Mage, the Number One damage-dealing spellcaster in WoW. After opening this veritable tome of lore, you’ll be going through full-detailed analyses of which races make the best mages, and exact formulas on how Stats, Effects and Target Values work. The Mage is a challenging class to play, but after reading this, you’ll have the knowledge to go one up on many a seasoned Mage player.

All the Best Leveling Spots: Be prepared. You’ll be going from Level 1 to 80 at such incredible speed that you’ll wonder why other players are struggling to get to 50. Our expert author goes through all the secrets of power leveling, showing you why a properly built Mage ranks among the best classes in WoW in terms of leveling speed. Learn all the tricks and sweet spots for Area of Effect spells in order to maximize leveling efficiency. With this Guide, you won’t need to waste time doing all those quests that are meant to slow WoW players down; you’ll be getting a list of the best experience-rewarding quests plus an overview of the most rewarding spots for group leveling.

Ultimate Spell Compendium: With so many spells at your fingertips, do you thoroughly know just when and where to use them? Our Guide will go into an in-depth look at each and every Mage spell and show you when and where to use which sort of spells to the best of their effects. Whether it be for crowd control, high damage bursts, or utility, each spell has a time and place. You’ll also learn of the many hidden uses of these spells, many of which you may have never even thought about before.

Only the Best Mage Talent Builds: Mage Talents come in three flavors: Arcane, Fire and Frost. Which one should you invest your points in to get the most out of your spells? The World of Warcraft Mage Guide showcases 13 different Mage builds, each one tailored for your personal playing style. Can I focus on more than one Talent tree? Which talent spec works best for raiding? Which one makes you King in PvP? All the answers to your question can be found here. With these builds, you’ll excel in whatever field you want, whether it be being indispensable to your Raid Guild, or unlocking your true potential in PvP.

Gold-Earning Sorcery:Find out how you can turn your Mage into a One-Mage gold-earning business. A Mage with decent gear and the right talent build can be making a fortune in gold in just a few short days. With our gold-making Guide, you’ll be earning an incredible amount of gold, no matter what your level.

Epic Mage Items: Two-hand staff or an enchantment on your off-hand item? What gear and items do you need to turn your average Mage into a powerhouse of magical energy? The World of Warcraft Mage Guide will outline what the ideal weapons and armor are at every level, and how you can acquire them by yourself, with the least amount of effort.

PvP Killer: You’re a Mage…you don’t skulk around in shadows, and you don’t heal and make nice. You wield magical energies at your fingertips that can obliterate anyone who dares to go up against you. Being a “glass cannon” can be fun, provided you’re in a reasonably good PvP group and you’re attacking from a safe distance. Our PvP Guide will go through PvP strategies and tactics against each and every one of the ten classes in WoW. Upgrade your PvP credentials; go from “glass cannon” to “super cannon” and show all the other classes why Mages are to be feared.


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