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World of Warcraft Hunter Leveling Secrets

Pages: 236
Format: PDF
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Being a Hunter is not just about being able to survive in the wilderness, but being able to unlock the much sought after secrets of achieving the perfect unison between your ranged weapon of choice, your pet and yourself. Tired of being unable to escape and subsequently suffering a beating from that pesky, loud-mouthed Warrior? Learn the secrets of being the best Hunter you can and you’ll be able to have the satisfaction of seeing him tremble in his armor when you meet him face to face, because he knows that he’ll never again get the better of you.

The Highlights of the World of Warcraft Hunter Leveling Secrets Guide:

  • New to Wow or Hunters? With our detailed guide to talents, skills and strategies for ALL levels, you’ll learn to avoid common newbie mistakes and time sinks.
  • Easy Leveling for Hunters: Level from 1 to 80 in less than 10 days.
  • Unlocking the secrets and strategies behind your large arsenal of Hunter skills.
  • Killer Talent Builds created, played and tested by professional gamers who know what it takes to make your Hunter OWN damage meters and be indispensable to Guild Raids.
  • Master the most advanced group and raid strategies known only to a select few.
  • Get Epic-quality items for every level with minimum effort.
  • Need more Gold? Find out how with Hunter-specific gold earning strategies.
  • Top strategies and tactics to decimate every single class in PvP.

Hunter Newbies: Still trying to get acquainted with the Hunter class? Our Hunter Newbie Guide opens up a world of secrets to you; you’ll be checking out detailed analyses of which races make the best hunters, and the exact formulas on how Stats, Effects and Target Values work. A lot of people play Hunters, but time after time they make the same common newbie mistakes and fall into time sinks. Reading this, you’ll have the in-depth understanding needed to be one of the best Hunters on the World of Warcraft servers.

Speed Leveling at its Best: The Hunter is one of the easier classes to level but this detailed World of Warcraft Hunter Leveling Guide will show you how, if played properly, it is the class with the fastest rate of leveling. Get past the learning curve with a step-by-step guide on how to maximize your Hunter’s leveling efficiency. Go through all a whole bunch of mobs with nothing more than your trusty bow and your loyal pet. You won’t need to spend hours doing every single quest; that’s boring and wastes a lot of your precious time. You’ll be able to take your pick from among a list of the best experience-rewarding quests as well as getting an overview of the most rewarding spots for group leveling.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Hunter Skills: You’ve got a plethora of options to deal with all sorts of situations, but do you which just when and where to use them? Our Guide will go into full details of the whole arsenal of Hunter skills and show you when and where you should be using them. You’ll not only learn all there is to know about these skills, but how to use and combine them to form winning strategies for any situation.

Only the best Hunter Talent Builds:Professional gamers who have created, played and tested each and every possible Hunter build show you which Hunter builds are the most efficient and fun, and which of these builds best suits your playing style. Which talent build allows for lightning-fast level advancement? Which one helps you be the deadliest marksman that ever lived? All the answers are in here. With these builds, you’ll be able unlock the true potential of the Hunter Class, and be far, far above any of the many legions of Hunters out there.

Advanced Group and Raid Strategies:Hunters are often the last to get invited to groups and raids because so many hunters just don’t know how to play the class very well. It is very easy to be an okay Hunter; it is far harder to be a Hunter who knows his role in groups and raids and do it exceedingly well. With this World of Warcraft Hunter Guide, you’ll learn Advance Group and Raid strategies that guarantee that you’ll always be at the top of the invitation list. Epic Hunter Gear: Two-handed weapon or dual-wield? Fast bow or slower one? What gear and items do you need to turn your average Hunter into a legendary ranger without peer? The World of Warcraft Hunter Guide will outline the ideal weapons and armor for every level, and the ways that you can acquire them all by yourself, with the least amount of effort.

Gold, gold, gold and more gold: Hunters are one of the best gold-farming classes in World of Warcraft. With their superior ranged firepower and the resilience and attacking power of their pets, Hunters can solo a lot of content that other classes dare not even touch. Discover Hunter-specific gold-farming strategies that will make you mountains of gold and allow you to buy all the goodies that you want.

PvP Killer: With their hard-hitting pets, deadly traps, incredible ranged firepower and huge bag of tricks, the Hunter has the potential to be the best PvP class in WoW. Learn how to place your traps in the most effective spot possible. Discover the secrets of using Feign Death to trick and confuse your enemies. Master the art of kiting. The PvP Guide will go through PvP strategies and tactics against each and every one of the ten classes in WoW. Upgrade your PvP skills and ascend to your Hunter to his rightful throne as King of PvP.

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