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World of Warcraft Death Knight Leveling Secrets

Pages: 151
Format: PDF
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You got one of your characters to level 55 and just like everyone else, went straight ahead to try the new Death Knight Hero Class. This being a relatively new class, you were probably doing as well as anyone else. Are you ready to take a step up and play the Death Knight on a whole different level? Do you want to know more advanced strategies and tactics? Read this Warcraft Death Knight Guide and unlock the true potential of this Hero Class. By the time you’ve gone through this Guide, you’ll already be a seasoned veteran.

The Highlights of the World of Warcraft Death Knight Leveling Secrets Guide:

  • Know the character creation process for Death Knights inside out. Get everything right from the start and avoid making those painful mistakes that other players make
  • Power-Leveling at its Best: Get your brand new Death Knight to Level 80 in just a matter of days.
  • The Complete and Rapid step-by-step Quest Walkthroughs for the Death Knight
  • Master the Death Knight class by learning how this Hero Class really works.Find out which Stats are the most desirable and which buffs and debuffs will benefit you most
  • 5 Killer Talent Builds that will outperform all other builds
  • The Best Gear and Equipment for your Death Knight at every level, and how to get it with the minimum of effort
  • Class-specific strategies from gaming professionals that will fully prepare your Death Knight for any encounter
  • Gold-standard PvE strategies for your Death Knight: Laugh maniacally as you deal out tons of damage on unsuspecting mobs, or take on all comers by being the most elite of Tanks.
  • Ultimate list of Death Knight skills and spell augmentations: stop losing unnecessarily in PvP Matches
  • Elite Gamers show you how to thrive and conquer in PvP: enjoy the thrill of killing your enemies with expert tactics and gear set-up.

Character Creation: Know the Death Knight creation process in and out. Which racial abilities are optimum for your Death Knight? What gear will you get? What weapons and armor can you equip? Go through the whole creation process and you will be avoiding the mistakes that other players make.

Lightning-speed Leveling: Be prepared. You’ll be going from Level 55 to 80 at such an incredible speed that you’ll be left wondering why other players are struggling to get to 60. Our expert author goes through all the strategies for power leveling and shows you how you level up to Level 80 in just a matter of days. Don’t waste time chasing all the quests; with this guide, you’ll be getting a list of the best experience –rewarding quests. Once you get to Level 80, you’ll be able to enjoy all the challenge and fun of end-game content.

Rapid Quest Walkthrough: Getting bored out of your mind trying to find the right or running back and forth, seeming to never accomplish anything? Our complete step-by-step quest walkthroughs save you time and keep your sanity intact by showing you the fastest way for your Death Knight to get through all those important quests.

Master the Death Knight: Which Stat turns your Death Knight into a formidable opponent? Will Agility or Stamina be important to me? This thoroughly researched and tested guide shows you the items that will make you a better Death Knight, depending on your role as a damage dealer, or as a main tank. It also includes a comprehensive list of buffs and debuffs and which ones benefit Dark Knights the most.

Cutting-Edge Talent Builds: Should you put your talent points into Blood, Frost or Unholy? Each of these talent trees offers your Death Knight a host of interesting options. Get professional gaming insight into the all the Death Knight talents, and which ones are the best fit for your chosen style of play. With our 5 killer builds, you’ll be heads and shoulders above the legions of Death Knights out there.

Best Gear & Equipment: What gear and items do you need to turn your average Death Knight into a bastion of steel and unholy magic? The World of Warcraft Death Knight Guide will outline what the ideal weapons and armor are at every level, and how you can acquire them by yourself, with the least amount of effort.

Class-Specific Strategies: When you’re facing off against a mob of elites, should you be using Blood, Frost or Unholy Presence? How about in Raids? Sift through our Guide, and you’ll find all the information you’ll need to ensure that your Death Knight can handle any situation, whether it be doing some soloing, or when you’re in your Guild’s Naxxramas Raid.

PvE Strategies: Want to know how your Death Knight can control threat, pull and hold aggro? Want to find out how to dish out the damage so that you can tear through mobs with lightning-speed. The World of Warcraft Death Knight Guide has the questions to these answers and with our detailed information on how to be the best Death Knight you can be, you’ll soon be the envy of your Death Knight playing friends.

Ultimate Guide of Skills and Spell Augmentations: Do you know just when and where to use Strangulate, Anti-Magic Zone and Chains of Ice? Go through our in-depth analyses of skills and spell augmentations and you’ll notice a marked improvement in your Dark Knight’s survivability in any situation.

Thrive and Conquer in PvP: Know how to make full use of Death Grip and Anti-Magic Zone and which classes to use them against? Know exactly when to use them against those classes? The Death Knight is a relatively new class but that doesn’t mean you need to be a mediocre Death Knight in PvP. Learn how to unwind mages, decimate warriors, out-think other Death Knights and deal with all ten of Wow’s distinctly different classes. With elite WoW gamers showing you which tactics to use, which builds work best and what your optimal gear and equipment should be for PvP, you’ll be a legendary Death Knight PvP’er in no time.


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