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Final Fantasy XIV Guide

Pages: 80
Format: PDF
Price: $29.99

Have you ever wondered how some gamers level up so fast? You spend endless hours grinding but it always seems like the next level is still miles away. But it doesn't have to be like this. You can take your game up to the next level. With the right strategies and the sage advice contained within this guide, you'll finally be the dominant player you always wished. Tackle monsters you would never have thought to challenge, find the fastest levelling locations and discover the most efficient ways to accumulate Gil.

Highlights of the Final Fantasy XIV Guide:

  • Quest Walkthroughs so you'll never be lost again
  • Full armoury list
  • Complete Zone-breakdowns
  • Best levelling strategies
  • Making your character the best it can be
  • Understanding the challenging guild system

Quest Walkthroughs: Have you ever been stuck on a quest, not knowing where next to go? Have you ever faced an enemy that you just can't figure out how to defeat. Well no more with the Final Fantasy XIV levelling guide. This guide contains step-by-step walkthroughs to the most challenging quests in the world of Hydaelyn. You'll never be left wondering what next, never be stuck with nowhere left to go. This Final Fantasy XIV guide

Gear: Gear is important in every MMORPG, but in Final Fantasy XIV gear can make or break a big battle or even a playing experience. With the right gear and appropriate planning, you will become an invaluable asset to groups or guilds. Become that player that people go out of their way to incorporate into their group and start kick starting your Final Fantasy XIV experience. Only this guide gives you the low down on gear and strategies for getting just the right items. Don't be left naked in the dangerous world of FFXIV, get this guide and start amassing an arsenal of gear that will have all your friends shaking their heads in envy!

Zone break-downs: Have you ever wandered a zone wondering what there is to see or do? With this guide you will be given in-depth breakdowns of what to expect from any zone in Final Fantasy XIV. Go into a zone knowing just what monsters you should be prepared to fight and the right gear you need to survive the experience! Maximize your potential with the right tips and strategies for every fight and every boss battle. Maybe more importantly though, you won't have to spend hours searching for those super rare items everyone craves. With this guide you will know just where to look and what to expect when trying to upgrade you sword or armor. Never underestimate the value of going prepared, and never enter a new zone without getting this Final Fantasy XIV guide!

Levelling: Some people spend days or even weeks trying to reach that next level. Nothing is more frustrating than watching someone who was only days before a lower level fly past you and on to bigger and better things in the world of Hydaelyn. We all want to be the most powerful, highest levelled and most valuable player, so why not get this guide and become just that. With advice about where to level, how to level and what classes you should level, this Final Fantasy XIV guide is an invaluable asset to any serious player. Stop wasting time with ineffective levelling techniques and start seeing fast results! Reach the end game before all your friends and start experiencing Final Fantasy XIV in a way you never had before.

Maximizing your character: Are you reaching higher levels and wondering why you still aren't excelling? If you don't know how to use your characters skills in battle then no matter your level and gear you'll never play your character to their maximum potential. Stop wasting your hours of hard work with nothing to show and get this guide to learn the best ways to use your character and strategies that will make you an invaluable asset to a group or guild. Don't ever go into battle unprepared again, get this Final Fantasy XIV guide and you will unlock a whole new potential in your character. Start contributing and start getting your character some attention!

Guild System unlocked: The Guild System in Final Fantasy XIV can be confusing at times, both for beginner and veteran adventurer alike. No experience in Final Fantasy XIV can be complete without participating in Guilds and this guide will help you take your guild to the next level. Everything from starting a guild to recruiting members is covered, and in less time than you could have imagined you will be leading one of the most fearsome guilds in all of Hydaelyn. Make a name for your guild and your character by reading up on this guide.

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